Winnetka CA Bathing & Grooming Services

If your beloved dog or cat needs a bath, nail trimming, haircutting, or anal gland cleaning, call our trained groomers at 818-527-1226!

Grooming Dogs & Cats

Are you looking for a trusted groomer in Los Angeles County? At The Groomer in Winnetka, CA, we have over three decades of experience professionally grooming all breeds of dogs and cats, including difficult and emotionally scarred animals. Contact us today for more information!Golden Retreiver Getting Bath


Every dog and cat needs a bath once in a while. We will deodorize and condition your dog or cat's coat. Going to the groomer can be a scary experience for some animals. Our goal is to keep your beloved pet as comfortable as possible.


Is it time for a haircut for your pet? At The Groomer, our certified groomers provide haircutting to the desired length or style. Call 818-527-1226 today for a convenient appointment!Cat Getting Nails Cut

Nail Clipping

Regular clipping protects your pet from paw and joint injuries, as well as getting nails snagged on carpet or furniture. Trimming your dog's nails isn't as easy as it may sound. Let our groomers take care of your pet's nails!

Anal Gland Cleaning

Anal gland cleaning is an unpleasant task, but we can help you handle the problem. Give us a call today. We do it all at The Groomer!